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Youlian Peytchev

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Youlian Peytchev

Creative Developer


He has been working in the food and beverage sector for almost 17 years, and has gained extraordinary experience working in major cities such as London, Miami, Sofia, Moscow as head of the food and beverage sector of large companies such as Marriott, Sheraton, Royal Caribbean, Cipriani. London, Soho club Moscow. It has been offering specialized consultancy in Food and Beverage for about 4 years.


Youlian Peytech is originally from Sofia (Bulgaria) but raised in Italy, since his young age he has specialized in the food and beverage sector. He began his career at the age of 14 in Città di Castello by attending the prestigious hotel school in Piobbico (PU). At 16 he started working for the prestigious Sheraton in Sofia where he attended a special course in Food and Beverage Management. Graduated from the hotel school, at the age of 18 he was called by chef Enzo Neri for his first collaboration in London in the Cipriani restaurant where he later became a professional sommelier. From there Youlian made a series of experiences between: London, Moscow, Miami, Sofia, Sardinia, international Royal Caribbean etc…. To highlight the starred collaborations with: Carlo Cracco at the OVO restaurant by Carlo Cracco at the Lotte Hotel in Moscow, Ezio Gritti at the Fino Bach in Calasassari Sardinia and finally with Marco Bistarelli, who is also the Brand chef of the Marteona Project in Cyprus, where from 4 years Youlian resides and works. In recent years, Youlian has built new projects in the sector, becoming an expert consultant in food and beverage as well as a high-level executive chef. The latest project carried out in Paphos together with Antonio d Onofrio is an Italian street food that then gave life to the Marteona Restaurant, an excellence in the territory, managing to bring more than 32 Italian companies to the island of Cyprus, and interacting simultaneously with different reality of organizations, institutes, companies, media and TV, including Russian TV.


Yes, I'm a dreamer. A dreamer is the one who can find his way only in the moonlight and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.