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Yes, But With Your Feet On The Ground.

In the business idea, originality does not matter so much (although often the most successful initiatives are precisely the most innovative ones), but rather the feasibility, in fact many found to be brilliant in appearance, have not actually had practical application.

It Is Your Opportune Time To Evolve and To Change Your Life!

Years ago a skating rink was invented which instead of ice had a special synthetic material as a base that would have entailed various advantages for the manager such as much lower overall costs and almost no maintenance but, the idea was not successful, because people enjoyed ice skating.


Very often a new company dies in too much haste (because we pretended to forge ahead) or superficiality (because we only trusted our nose). The business idea, on the other hand, must always be carefully evaluated. Sitting at a table, trying to gather all the information necessary to evaluate the business idea we have in mind is never a waste of time. It does not in itself guarantee success, but it does allow you to reasonably reduce the risk of failure.


It is necessary to check the feasibility of our business idea and, even if it is feasible because it offers products or services required by the market, it is important to measure the risk because there is no business without risk. The danger of something going wrong is connected to the very idea of undertaking it and, if the risk cannot be eliminated, at least it must be calculated because if we do not take into account the risk factors, at the first market storm the sinking of our initiative is at least probable.

If as an individual it can be difficult to make a strategic decision and transform, this becomes a challenge in a team of professionals. Precisely for this reason ESMIRA LTD. was born, to help you get the best, through valuable advice on how to plan your project either as an individual or as a company.

In the digital age, we can help you improve and have perfect business alignment. If you want to hit the mark, if you want to bring important changes to your company or simply have a project you want to carry on, we can with Kairos Team Vision, through valid professionals , can help you achieve your goal!

Do You Have a Project And Want To Propose It To Us ?

We can evaluate your project and help you make it happen. We can help you or your company through our consulting services. We have professional experts who studying your case on topics that are necessary to achieve your business goals and launch your project. Through ESMIRA LTD. you can take advantage of consulting services and quickly acquire the necessary skills, in order to get your work off the ground. We can be up and running to help your business immediately. Write to us and present your idea or your project, together we eill bring it to completion.

The Cyprus Italian Festival

Is the italian style and made in italy festival in Cyprus held very year in Paphos. The festival takes place in Paphos, the city where Venus was born by tradition. 

Marteona "Trattoria & Pizzeria"

It is a project that aims to establish an authentic Italian trattoria in Cyprus with a delicious menu made up of typical recipes of Italian villages and products coming directly from Italian companies.

Damian Force Dome Show

The key idea of the Damian Force Dome Show 360 is a journey through the human senses and thoughts. Each organ is a new emotional scene revealing the deep, reflected in the graphic world of music passing through every person. 


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It is a team led by independent thinkers, so if you are a professional who thinks the same way, send some news about yourself and your experience you could be part of the next project.