2022 The Year of Venus

The Cyprus Italian Festival

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The Cyprus Italian Festival

Is the italian style and made in italy festival in Cyprus held very year in Paphos. The festival takes place in Paphos, the city where Venus was born by tradition. The Festival welcomes an international audience to discover italian products, art, fashion, cinema and music and italian excellence in the worls. The management links to art a project to raise awareness on the world of women and environmental sustainability , proposing a series of workshops dedicated to school children on the history of art, The reinassance, the history of Cinema, in particular aimed at creative writing, screenwriting, editing, directing and acting. During the same period of The festival, films , short films, Tv dramas, tv series, documentaries. Italian product , music, concerts, art exhibitions, conferences, debates, book presentarions are presented.

The Festival and The Territory

THE CYPRUS ITALIAN FESTIVAL will lead Paphos to become a cultural destination during the festival period, a necessary condition to help evolution in the internationality of the younger generations. Thousands of Italian fans style, every summer, they will find in Paphos a quality program, rich, eclectic, surprising, which will connect emerging talents and guests prestigious. The audience will be the soul of the Festival, which will be greeted by magical scenarios, hosting at least 20,000 spectators every day.

THE CYPRUS ITALIAN FESTIVAL will be a beautiful Cypriot reality and the success of a city: PAPHOS, which with this event will be able to win back many consensus and perhaps that of taking back the central role of capital in the name of Venus of art, culture and beauty, becoming a bridge between Italy and Cyprus, Europe and the rest of the world.

The Reason For A Choice

PAPHOS is an ancient land, unique of its kind, Unesco Heritage and seaside city that boasts the
birthplace of Venus and which over time has been the scene of great historical events. On an island, that of Cyprus, which due to its location and its amenities, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Paphos offers both during the winter and summer seasons, a wide range of accommodation solutions, excellent hospitality and cordiality.

THE CYPRUS ITALIAN FESTIVAL was born from the desire to give back to the territory “its myth” and the roots of one’s memory, in the awareness of the historical and spiritual origins that bind the Cypriot and Italian people through the myth of Venus. The will is to enhance the beauty of the place, bringing it to the fore with an international art showcase under the banner of Italian Style. The general organization of the Festival is curated by Kairos Team Vision under the direction of Antonio D’Onofrio, the ideation and artistic direction of the festival is by the Italian actor director Germano Di Mattia. The gastronomy and DJ area will be managed by the food and beverage sector organization manager Youlian Peytchev.


In parallel to the cultural and artistic festival, “IN THE SPIRIT OF ITALY EXPO”, the exhibition area of the Festival of Italy and its excellence in Cyprus, will take place in the Harbor area of Paphos. IN THE SPIRIT OF ITALY EXPO is the commercial soul of the festival, perfectly integrated with everything else.

The festival will have two souls; a more institutional, cultural and artistic part, the other will be a real expo market, which will give visitors the opportunity to get to know “the spirit of Italy”, to appreciate the extraordinary gastronomic variety, craftsmanship, industrial products , which all have a common denominator: Italian creativity. The event will contain moments where “JOB MEET DAYS” meetings will be scheduled between exhibitors and international and Cyprus distributors and buyers, invited by the festival organizers. The organization will handle the dissemination and the relative invitation through the consular offices at the chambers of commerce of the countries of the most widespread communities on the island (China, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Iran) and the invitation to foreign media. Throughout the day the public can visit the numerous stands and shop, the program of the days includes: fashion shows, demonstrations of craftsmen, food tastings, exhibitions, presentations of various products, conferences, etc. So the festival will have a commercial soul, with a large exhibition area to allow the Italian spirit and creativity to be known. The organization will propose particularly economical solutions (hotel accommodation, city trips, transport to and from Paphos airport, logistics and transport of goods, customs assistance and even a wireless service in the expo area of ​​the festival. this is to make it easier for everyone to participate, especially in medium and small Italian enterprises, which represent the backbone of the Italian economy.This event will represent over the years a milestone and an important contribution to the Italian economic recovery.

Paphos The City Of The Lights

Throughout the duration of the Festival, Paphos becomes the city of lights, its most important monuments will be illuminated with artistic expressions inspired by Italian art, in the era of “Digital Projection Arts”. 

The facades of the most beautiful palaces, castles, towers of Paphos will become the protagonists of the video mapping (3D projection on architecture), a further spectacular form of light entertainment to celebrate the Festival, art and beauty in the sign of Venus (with a short audiovisual and musical narration in 3D in Loop).

A special stand will be set up for an important immersive and virtual experience dedicated to all visitors. Spectators will be able to have the direct experience and be projected inside the Colosseum and participate in a fight between gladiators, in a 360-degree virtual experience exclusively for the event.


The Cyprus Italian Festival establishes the World Tour every year. The event becomes an ambassador of made in Italy with regard to cinema and art, gastronomy and typical Italian products, giving considerable prominence and new impetus to the economy.


The organization annually awards the “Golden Venus of Cyprus” and culminates in the grand gala award “The Night of the Golden Venus”

“The night of the Golden Venus”, an evening tribute to Italian style and dedicated to the delivery of the Venus of Cyprus prizes (award inspired by the famous painting by Botticelli). THE NIGHT OF THE GOLDEN VENUS It is a gala evening for the delivery of the prizes awarded (Cinema, Music, Publishing, Chef, Cuisine, Winery, etc.). The Grand Gala Award Ceremony becomes the international hub of Italian Style in Cyprus.